Use USB Drive As RAM In Windows XP

You all know about using USB drive as RAM on Windows Vista. What if the same feature available on Windows XP? That would be a great alternative for most of the xp users who stick on to their old systems and running new softwares is not possible as they are equipped with a low RAM. Here is a nice software tool to use USB flash drives as RAM on Windows XP OS.
  • First of All Format the USB Drive From My Computer.
  • Go to the Desktop. Right-click “My Computer” In the menu that appears, select “Properties” Click the “Advanced” tab.

  • Look in the dialog windows for the title “Performance” Click the button that says “Settings” Click the “Advanced” tab.

  • Look under “Virtual Memory” and click the “Change” button.

  • Look in the small window “Drive [Volume Label]” Click the drive letter for your flash drive.

  • Click “Custom size” and type in the minimum paging file amount in the “Initial size (MB)” window. (Convert gigabytes to megabytes for the number.)

  • Type in the maximum size you want to allocate in the “Maximum size (MB)” window, depending on the size of your flash drive. (Again, convert gigabytes to megabytes for the number.)

  • Go back to the “Drive [Volume Label]” window. Select the “C:” drive. Click the radio button “no paging file” and click “Set.” At the confirmation window, click “Yes.”

  • Click “OK,” “OK,” and “OK” to save your changes and exit the program. When Windows asks you to reboot your computer, click “Yes“.

 Note: USB Flash drives have a limited write life. This means that a flash drive will not last forever—after a period of time and use, the drive will become unusable.