Download Facebook Album in One Click

Fluschipranie  And Facepaste are free addons for downloading your facebook albums.


  • Go to your albums section or whenever you have an album link(or in the case of the tagged photos the “Photos” link).
  • You just make right-mouse click over your albums links, a menu should appear with fluschipranies download option, click it.
  • A text-field popup should appear, specify in it the prefix of your photos.If you leave this field empty or you check facebook default below, in such case the default facebook’s prefix will be used.
  • A file picker should appear after step 3, choose the directory where you want the album to be downloaded.
  • Go to the folder you picked in step4 to see your photos.

[If you do not want to be prompted for options every time, select the widget icon below in the widget bar of firefox, a popup should appear with 2 buttons > press the options button in order for the options page to appear, uncheck the box “prompt for options every time”, use the other fields to customize your preferences.]


To use this add-on, simply right click in the page and click “Download Facebook album(s)”. You can do this in a single album, or a “Photos of You”, or a “Photos” page. Also, you can download multiple albums from a user at once by doing this on the user’s “Albums” page. You can even download videos in albums just like photos.

Coming soon:

* downloading albums from pages and groups, not just people

New in version 2.6:

* fixed broken video downloading caused by a facebook code change

New in version 2.5:

* album names now include unique album IDs to avoid collisions
* you can now choose to update an already downloaded album