How To Remove Third Party Search Engines From Google Chrome

For those of you who are infected By Babylon or other search engines in Google Chrome which you don’t like and want to go back to Google follow these steps should help you remove it fully:

  1. Go to Control Panel and open Add or Remove Programs Utility.
  2. Remove any Program associated with the search engine you are infected i.e Babylon.
  3. Go to the Settingsof Chrome. (Pic 1)

    Chrome Settings (Pic 1)
  4. Click on the “Manage Search Engines” button. (Pic 2)

    Manage Search Engines (Pic2)
  5. Make Google or any other which you like Default Search Engine. (Pic3)
  6. Remove Unwanted Engines. (Pic 3)

    Make Google Default (Pic 3)

Now click the “OK” Close the settings, Unwanted Search Engine will be removed.