Increase Startup Speed

You often experience the problem of very slow startup time of the system. Many of you may worry about the light which keep blinking when system remains busy and dont start working on the system unless it stops blinking and your system is ready for working. You can decrease the startup time by excluding the unncessary programs which you place at the start up and you dont really need them, these programs are included in start up when you install them. Follow these steps to exclude these unwanted programs from startup.You can experience this in windows xp, windows vista and windows 7. For windows 8 we’ll be writing another article soon

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  1. Goto Run.
  2. Write  – msconfig
  3. You’ll see a new dialog box opened in front of you.
  4. Goto “start up” from top menu
  5. Disable the unwanted programs from the list and keep the one which you need actually.
  6. Click OK and it will ask to restart the system. After restart you’ll see another message of changing. Just ignore the message by skipping it and you’re done here.