How To Make A Bootable USB Flash Drive (To Install Windows XP, Vista, 7)

This one is about how to install or make a bootable USB drive. To do this you don’t have to download any of the softwares. You just need your USB Drive to be plugged in and your windows installation disc in your CD/DVD ROM and then just follow these steps. Some things you should know before doing this is that for Windows XP you need 2GB USB Dive and for Windows Vista or Windows 7 you’ll need 4GB USB Drive.

  • Format your USB Drive using fat32 format system.
  • Press the ‘WINDOWS’ button and ‘R’ button on your keyboard. You’ll see the RUN application box.
  • Now type in this command ‘cmd.exe’ and press enter. A command prompt screen will pop-up.
  • Now type in this command ‘diskpart’ and wait till screen shows you this ‘DISKPART >’.
  • Once this shows up, type ‘list disk’. This show all of drives running on your computer.
  • Now from the list you should know that which one is your USB Drive by noticing the size of the drive.
  • From the list select your USB Drive by typing this command ‘select disk (and the number of your USB Drive)’. In my case its Disk 3 so I am typing ‘select disk 3’. It’ll say that ‘Disk 3 is now the selected disk’.
  • Then type this command ‘clean’. It’ll say that ‘Disk Part succeeded in cleaning the disk’.
    Now type ‘create partition primary’. It’ll say that ‘DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition’.
  • Now type ‘select partition 1’. It’ll say that ‘Partition 1 is now the selected partition’.
  • Now type ‘active’. It’ll say that ‘DiskPart marked the current partition as active’.
  • Then type ‘format fs=fat32’. It’ll show up the percentage of the formatting, just sit back and relax till the USB Drive gets formatted. It’ll take 5-10 minutes.
  • After the USB being formatted, type ‘assign’. It’ll say that ‘DiskPart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point’.
  • Then type ‘exit’ to leave DiskPart.
    It’ll say ’Leaving DiskPart…’.
    Now type ‘xcopy x:\(where “x” is your source drive)*.* /s/e/f x:\(where “x” is your destination drive)’. The whole command should look like this example (xcopy j:\*.* /s/e/f m:\) and then press enter.
  • Now wait and let the windows installation files copy to the USB Drive. It’ll take 10-15 minutes.
  • When the files get copied to the USB Drive simply close the cmd.exe window and restart your PC. Remember to set the 1st boot device to the removable disk drive.
    Now boot from your USB Drive and begin the installation.