Haier W910 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 English Version (Tested)

Hi every ONE, You would have searched a lot to find the correct ROM for your Haier W910 in English and other languages. Let me assure you that you are now at right place. I am personally using Haier W910 and its basic apps were in Chinese language. It was not allowing to run any Google App (Play Store, Gmail Google maps etc). So I used this way to re install the ROM and now, enjoying Haier W910 with full features. Now, don’t worry, you can download the package given in the links and follow the steps: –

  1. Unzip following files at your computer.
    1. Haier-W910-Android-Device-Driver.rar
    2. Haier-W910-USB-Flash-Recovery-clockwork-v6.0.1.5-English.rar
  2. Now open Haier-W910-Android-Device-Driver folder and install drivers on your PC.Install Drivers
  3. Turn on your phone and connect to PC, it will ask you to install drivers again, you can reinstall drivers.Screenshot_1
  4. Now disconnect your phone from PC. Goto settings, Developers options”, Turn “USB Debugging” ON.Screenshot_2013-12-24-20-33-55Screenshot_2013-12-24-20-30-50
  5. Go to home screen and again in settings, find “Security” and turn “Unknown Sources” ON, A popup window will be opened to confirm (Screen shot), click OK.Screenshot_2013-12-24-20-34-18Screenshot_2013-12-24-20-35-12Screenshot_2013-12-24-20-36-07
  6. Turn it off. Press Vol down button and connect phone to PC. A blue LED light, Logo of Haier W910 and some machine language on top right corner should appear. Wait, ADB drivers are being installed now.
  7. Goto to Device Manager to confirm that ADB Interface has been installed. Don’t disconnect phone.ADB Interface
  8. Now, Open folder “Haier-W910-USB-Flash-Recovery-clockwork-v6.0.1.5-English” and run the Batch file “fastboot_Only_For_Recovery.bat”. Let it do what it does. Phone rebooted? Don’t worry, now you are ready to install the ROM.
  9.  Copy zip folder “Haier W910 ROM 4.1.2.zip” (Don’t extract this folder) into a formatted SD Card.
  10.  Disconnect and turn phone off.
  11.  Insert SD Card in phone, press Vol down button and turn ON now, it will go to ROM. Go to
    1. “-install zip from sd card”
    2. “-choose zip from sdcard”
  12.  Click on “Haier W910 ROM 4.1.2.zip”
  13. Phone will start installing ROM. Wait wait wait wait. Wait until message appears “Installation complete from SD Card.” Now press “-go back”, and wipe data factory resetting.
  14.  Reboot (-reboot) phone and “Qisda” logo in the center will b appeared. Wait, now “android” is appearminioned. Wait wait wait again wait for few MINUTES.
  15. Here you go, you are upgraded with new English Haier W910 JB 4.1.2 version.


Download links

Haier-W910 Android Device Driver


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