Don’t Be Scammed By Facebook Account Hacking Temptation

A video I saw, had been viral on Facebook claiming to teach How to HACK Facebook”. I have seen many people trying to hack their friends accounts by these stupid steps for so called Facebook account hacking:

  1. Click Here – 
  2. Copy the Code there
  3. Go to your friend’s account
  4. Right Click
  5.  Go to “Inspect Element”
  6. Go to “Console” (Chrome=F12 | Firefox=Ctrl+Shft+K)
  7. Paste the Code
  8. Press Enter.

Atually there developers are using Self-XSS,

What is Self-XSS?

Self-XSS, or cross-site scripting, is when attackers trick people into copy-pasting malicious code into their browser. Once someone gives the code access to their Facebook account, the code usually posts the same scam on other people’s Timelines. Be wary of copying links you don’t understand.

Unknowingly when you follow these steps, you tag your all of friends in some certain post, instead of hacking an account. Actually this code use your account to tag people in the targeted post and you even don’t know it. And you guys must know that if a Facebook account was this much easy to hack, Facebook would not grow as it is no. 1 social networking website in the world.

Sample Notification Received When Someone Tags Friends Using That Code.
Sample Notification Received When Someone Tags Friends Using That Code.

Here you can see how your account is being used to tag your friends:

Tagging Spam
Tagging Spam

I bet this guy even doesn’t know that he has tagged his friends in these comments. He even knows he commented on this post.

The best way to avoid this spam is DO NOT try copying/entering code and REPORT SPAM the post like this.

And another way popular to lure people to hack Facebook account is by some software or application. This is most dangerous way! The software you will download and install on your computer may harm your computer in many ways. It can damage your personal data on your hard disk, it will be able to steal your personal data, it can be stealing your passwords, credit card numbers etc as a consequence you may be loose your own accounts. Hacker will be hacked!  Beware!

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