Make JAD File To Install BlackBerry’s COD Files (Convert COD To JAD)

For those who want to install BlackBerry Applications, Games, Themes etc download in .cod format without using BlackBerry Desktop Manager , this tip will surely helpful. As we know that .cod files don’t run in the device itself so we need a .JAD file to execute the .cod file.

I’ll tell you how to make .JAD file referring to multiple .cod files. (Convert COD to JAD)

When you download an app, it usually contains two files in a zipped folder i.e. .ALX and .COD format. You need 7zip Software to extract .cod files. Extract .cod files into a folder.

Download the template file and then follow these steps carefully

  1. Extract and Copy the .JAD file into the folder where you extracted .cod file.
  2. Open the copied .JAD file with Note Pad and replace “[Application_Name]” with the name of application name, take it from .cod file’s title.
  3. Check how many .cod files are present in the folder. I made the file for 7 files, you can add more lines in the series by copying the whole line and pasting in the series.
  4. Insert the Application Name in front of “MIDlet-Name:”
  5. Insert the name of the first .cod file name with extension ([Application_Name]-1.cod) here “RIM-COD-URL-1:” and then vice versa. (If the app has files more than 7 then look step 4.)
  6. Insert the size of the cod file which is without any number as [Application_Name].cod, here “RIM-COD-Size:” be sure the size is in “Bytes
  7. Insert the size of the first .cod file here “RIM-COD-Size-1:” and vice versa.
  8. When all done save the file with .JAD extension in the same folder (step 1).
  9. Transfer the whole folder along with all .cod and .JAD file to device and run .JAD file.