Access Your Computer From Mobile Phone Using Google Chrome Desktop

Google Chrome Desktop is the light weight application to access your PC from your Android Device. I have tried Team Viewer, Remote Mouse, Windows Remote Desktop, Any desk and many other applications to access PC from my Mobile device. But the best application I found so far is Google’s Chrome Desktop!

To use Google’s Chrome Desktop you need to install Chrome Application from Chrome Web Store. You can find it by

clicking here.

Also you need to install the app in your Android device from Play store. You can find the app by

  clicking here.

Chrome Application for PC at Chrome Store.

Chrome Application for Android Device at Play Store.

Once your both devices are ready to connect you need to authorize the app with same google ID on both device and setup a six digit pin to authorize remote session. You can make the authorization permanent for your mobile device by selecting the remember device option and in case you loose mobile device you can reset the pin for further use.

While accessing my Windows 8 PC from my Android Huawei Ascend G700, I played a movie on desktop screen and It was played on mobile screen with no interruption. Also I connected the PC with HDMI to my TV and controlled the movie from mobile and it worked perfectly.

Here’s another screen shot while making this post from my mobile 🙂

Wordpress Accessed by Chrome Desktop