Maverick – Ubuntu Theme For WIndows

ubuntu theme for windows

Maverick brings you the ubuntu look to your windows 8.1 setup. Finally you can enjoy the orange and dark grey style with this redesigned theme that mixes the best from ubuntu with flat clean elements giving a beautiful and modern look to your pc.

ubuntu theme for windows

How to:

  • Create a restore point using system restore (safety first!)
  • Patch windows so you can use 3rd party themes using this tool: com
  • Install the fonts in the resources\fonts folder
  • Install the themeby copying the content of the theme folder in “c:\windows\resources\themes\”
  • Apply the themefrom the personalize panel
  • Apply the registry settingsby running the maverick_8_1_window_metrics.reg file in the window metrics folder
  • Remove the hover glowof the taskbar buttons: system>advanced Settings>performance settings>uncheck animations in the taskbar
  • Restart windows..
  • Enjoy using the theme!
  • Optional! Narrow vertical taskbar:use 7+ taskbar tweaker. Right click on the tray icon>advanced settings and set the no_width_limit = 1
  • Optional! Make windows explorer look cool:use oldnewexplorer.
  • Check the option: use command bar instead of ribbon

What you get:

  • One awesome windows themes: folder theme
  • one matching windows cursor scheme: folder resources\cursors
  • One amazing wallpaper: folder resources\wallpapers
  • Unlimited support!


Download For Windows 8.1 
Download For Windows 7

Courtesy: dpcdpc11