Facebook Thumbnail – Wrong Thumbnail Issue While Sharing a Post on Facebook

Webmasters, You know when you want to tell Google to find you; You usually use meta tags. Although SEO experts say these days that meta tags are not that much worthwhile to index your site in any search engine, It’s your “unique content” which actually matters to index there. But still we can not deny the importance of meta tags to identify the specific important points about any website.

Now, Since we’re here to identify and solve the problem of wrong thumbnails while a post is shared on the Facebook. Let come to the point. Just like Google, Bing, Ask or any other search engine has been using meta tags to identify the contents, category etc of the website. These days Facebook also uses them but in their own way. Facebook internal code to identify the right thumbnail for the specific post is not good enough as it might be for Google Plus or some other social media networks. Most often when a post is shared on facebook especially using WordPress it shows a list of thumbnail to choose between and publish. Facebook finds and collects all the information on a specific page and cache it on its own server. To overcome this problem there are two simple steps.


1. Step 1

To use Facebook meta tags – In Facebook language these are called Open Graph tags. You need to add “og tags” on your posts….Don’t worry – Its not like that much difficult or tricky as it has been for search engine. For wordpress users you just need to add following plugin it will add all “og tags” to your each post it will automatically add/convert your keywords to the “og tags”

Fedmich’s Facebook Open Graph Meta

This plugin will automatically add meta tags on the HEAD section of your posts. It will be used by different social media’s share functionality. Advance meta_tags like video embed and image urls can be automatically generated. Previously known as “Facebook and Digg Thumbnail generator” plugin.

To find and install this plugin you simply need to copy and paste its name in Appearance>Plugin>Search and You’ll find this in the list. Simply add this plugin and activate it.

2. Step 2

Now since you’ve added the “og tags” into your posts. You should expect the right thumbnail while you click on the share on Facebook link on your website. Does it still gives error? Don’t worry! Facebook has saved its previous pictures with it as cache. All you need to do is to simply tell Facebook to debug your link for “og tags” and during this process Facebook will automatically update your site’s information on its servers as cache. To debug your link and show correct thumbnail while sharing – (obviously after adding OG). Put your link on this cell (You will find it in the following given in the link – don’t worry its a Facebook’s official link). Click following link open it in new tab –


Now go and check Facebook will not annoy you anymore on this problem…cheer.!