Which Programming Language Should I Learn?

Which Programming Language Should I Learn

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First? It is the question of every person who has an idea of programming languages and their use. But, When it comes to a normal person then the questions that come to their minds are What is a programming language? Is it necessary to learn a programming language? The word Programming language sounds like something technical, hard to understand. But the answer is very simple that it is not necessary to learn any language it is just a matter of interest, but it is a good approach to learn any programming language even if you are not a programmer. As the scope of programming is increasing day by day.

There are many programming languages present in the market with which you can start your programming career. The most important thing is the Logic. Different languages have different syntax but one thing that is common is what we call logic. If you are good at making logic for every situation you can learn any language in a number of days. In order to master the logic skills, you must spend a lot of time on the first language you learn. And what a language demand is a lot of practice. The more practice you do the more you will get better at it. I started my career with C language, later on, I learned languages like C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

If we talk about the web. Most of the people consider HTML as a programming language and start learning web development with HTML. It is perfect to learn HTML first, as without HTML it is not possible to design even an empty webpage. But considering HTML as a programming language is wrong. HTML uses tags so we call it a Markup language. Along with HTML, we use CSS3 and JavaScript which is itself a scripting language. But if you think by learning only these three languages you can become a professional web developer then m sorry you are absolutely wrong. To become a professional, you should at least have some knowledge of other languages.

Programming Languages are those which can automatically perform repeating tasks. Programming languages have the ability to call themselves again and again automatically. 

Which Programming Language Should I Learn
Programmingg Languages

Now coming back to the most important question I get asked is

Which Programming language I should learn?

It is something like buying a new cell phone. Where you consider all specifications of the cell phone, your budget, cell phone brand, and model, etc. Same in the case of selecting a language there are few things user should consider:

  • The job market for the languages.
  • The most in-demand languages.
  • New and highly paid languages.
  • What projects you can build using which language.
  • Your interest.

Among all, the most important is your interest. The programming language you want to learn needs to depend on what you want to do. All programming is not the same. Programming languages vary with platforms and devices. I can’t create a desktop app for windows using Java. We use Java for Android app development, not for IOS and windows applications. Same as C# is used for developing desktop applications but there are many people using Asp.net the same task. All matter is of support. You need to know which language is supportable at which place. These are the general things that sometimes leave an impressive impact on your listeners. Along with that, you should know your capabilities.

To make this decision of language selection easier a user should know the languages mostly used by the programmers. No not all the languages but the few important ones!

  • Back-end/Server-side Programmer: Usually uses one of the following: Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Rust, Elixir, Swift, and C#.
  • Front-end/Client-side Programmer: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, typescript.
  • Mobile Programmer: Objective-C or Java (for Android). HTML and CSS for mobile websites.
  • 3D Programmer/Game Programmer: C/C++, OpenGL, Animation.
  • High-Performance Programmer: C/C++, Java.

Besides all these, there are a number of languages present in the market but

Remember: It’s NOT about how much you KNOW, but rather what you DO with what you know.

It means that if you know 10 languages then it doesn’t mean you will get a job without any effort, the thing that matters is how perfectly you use your skills and satisfies your customer.

Which Programming Language Should I Learn 2
Which Programming Language Should I Learn?

The sequence in which one should start learning programming languages

Choosing your first language to learn is really a difficult task to do. If you don’t do it properly you will get bored soon hence leaving the idea of learning something new. As I had said earlier something that matters is called logic. Along with logic while choosing your first language okay you should discuss it with others and take suggestion but the most important is you should ask yourself that is my interest? What I want to accomplish in the future?

If you are interested in web development you should start with HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with its libraries like jQuery, AngularJs, etc. to be a good front-end developer. Then further you should learn any back-end language to become a professional web developer. You can choose between Php, Java, Python, Ruby or Rails. If you are interested in developing application programs Java is a good choice and widely used language these days. You can also use C++ and C# for the same purpose.

When it comes to me I started my career with C language and I would recommend newbies to learn C language first as it gives a good base to learn the general concepts, syntax, and grammar of a programming language. It is easy to lean and still in use. Then moves to C++ and C#, these two programming languages are purely object-oriented and are still in use in many sectors. For web development, I started from HTML and CSS and further moved to other languages.