Top 5 Most Paid Jobs in IT

Top 5 Most Paid Jobs in IT

As nowadays job is the very important factor for survival and a job with an appealing pay package is a key to the luxurious lifestyle one can dream for. Before selecting any field most of us spend a lot of time on the internet searching for most in-demand fields for jobs, most paid jobs, top rising fields, top paying jobs and jobs offered in a particular filed etc. When you enter the university you are not a skilled person. While doing any degree, the most frequently asked question we go through is:

What job will you get after completing the degree?

Why have you chosen this field? What’s its scope?

As nowadays job is the very important factor for survival and a job with an appealing pay package is a key to the luxurious lifestyle one can dream for. Before selecting any field most of us spend a lot of time on the internet searching for most in-demand fields for jobs, top rising fields, top paying jobs and jobs offered in a particular filed etc. When you enter the university you are not a skilled person. There is the number of subjects you go through and learn a lot of skills. You can never be expert at everything nor should you aim to be. One thing you can do is find your niche, the sooner you realize it the better it will be. Explore your thoughts, research the market, as the professionals, focus on what comes to you naturally. Pick that field that clicks your mind and then sharpen your skills with passion. Tech jobs are the most common and highly paid jobs these days and there are hundreds even thousands of jobs present in the market for computer science and IT professionals.  Your job and salary totally depend on you. How hardworking are you? How you are utilizing your skill for the company you are working for and how reliable you are to your company.

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In industry, everybody makes money based on their skills, experience, and hard work. Okay, it doesn’t mean degrees doesn’t matter. Of course, a 4-year degree holder has more worth than a 2-year diploma degree holder, but skills and experience can change this situation. if you have a BS degree in software engineering, computer science or IT and you work for 4-6 years in the industry or you have many skills and any certificates you can get an equivalent job to MS guy.

It is no secret that the tech sector offers some of the best-paying jobs currently available, but certain positions are not only offering high wages, they’re also becoming popular by considerable growth.  When it comes to highly paid jobs around the world so there are professions which are on the top of the list with average salaries that actually clear six-digit figure.

1. Cyber Security Engineer

Mid-Career Pay: $58,158 – $133,302

Cyber Security Engineer is the highly paid job post. Cyber-security engineers are responsible for protecting the organization’s system against advanced unauthorized access and provide solutions in an organization’s system in relation to cyber-security. They secure the system from persistent threats and troubleshoot all the security problems. A cyber-security engineer’s job involves several functions, like developing and implementing secure network solutions, carrying out assessments, testing, managing and developing trusted systems into secure systems and perform the tough, detailed and time-consuming work at the information assurance efforts in companies, non-profit, and government organizations around the world.

Due to the ambiguity of the role of cybersecurity engineers, professionals working in this field can also be known by different titles such as:

  • Application or Web security engineer
  • Data security engineer
  • IA/IT security engineer

Finally, concluding that many cybersecurity engineers have access to sensitive data in their job duties. So, some type of background check or security clearance may be required to qualify for the position. It requires government security sometimes official security clearance is not mandatory, private sector employers will sometimes perform background checks on applicants and sometimes require periodic drug testing.

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2. Data Scientist

Mid-Career Pay: $61,722 – $130,678

Data Science is another emerging field that brings with a delightful salary package. As data scientists are very rare in the world so the demand for a competitive data scientist is high and will continue to increase in future. There are huge resources of data have piled up over the decades in the world and the information retrieved is entirely useless if you expect it to lie for another century to become historical relics. This is where the job of a data scientist starts. A data scientist duty is to use those large resources of data from around the world and organize them which helps on making intelligent and fruitful decisions for the future. According to job postings worldwide, salaries of data-scientists are 113% more than average salaries for all other job postings.

Data Scientist
Image Source: Simplilearn

Data Scientist Job was called the sexiest job of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review.

Data scientists are responsible for taking out complex data out of a huge amount of data and provide helpful systems-related advice to the organization, design new ways to combine all useful information together focusing on information technology rules and develop prototypes, proof of concepts, design algorithms, and analytical models. They work with teams and have advanced knowledge of different data mining techniques such as decision trees, clustering, support vector machines, and regression analysis along with expressive communicational abilities. By following the strict company and organization’s guidelines in their work a data scientist observes data privacy rights to ensure client satisfaction and avoid legal issues. They deal with complex and advanced technologies on daily basis and often have the best tools available. One of the main work tools is usually of company or organization’s computer with high processing power and updated software for research purposes

3. Software Architect

Mid-Career Pay: $67,271 – $127,812

Another most trending job comes on top of the list of highly paid jobs is of a software architect. So, what’s the basic difference between a software architect and a software developer? There is not much difference between being a programmer, developer or an architect, the difference came in their roles and skill. A software architect is generally considered to be an experienced, knowledgeable, and advanced developer, who has the abilities to solve problems with a greater level of skill. A software architect is like a human filter that processes all the complexities and gives a high-level model of a system as an output. And then to convey that output to the stakeholders requires exceptional communication skills i.e. written skills, verbal, and presentational skills. An architect can attain status with his prior successful experience, formal training in the field, and ability to deliver successful relics through every stage of the SDLC.

A software architect must also act as a project manager. He should be able to see how different components of a software project will work together and determine which features have high priority and needed to make a product functionality complete at the spot and which features are on low priority and can be rolled in later. They have to lead the team and the software projects plus they have to interact with multiple parties like employees, clients, and upper-level management.

4. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Mid-Career Pay: $39,372 – $108,634

Artificial Intelligence is also one of the most popular fields for good jobs. Research shows that AI may take off the world in the next few years, and when it will happen, if you are an AI specialist, you will be proved to be an asset. There are many duties of an Artificial Intelligence Specialist, they are Research Scientists responsible for designing and analyzing information. They also play the role of Software Engineer who do specialization in some specific areas of development like networking, knowledge of operating systems, databases skills. They can also play the role of Information Security Engineers which protects the organization’s computer networks and computer systems. An Artificial Intelligence Specialist can be a Software Project Development Manager who plays the main role in the design, evaluating, developing, testing and maintenance of software applications.

AI specialists also work as Java Developer who is the specialized programmer who works with web developers and software engineers to integrate Java language into business applications, websites, and software. They are also Software Analyst who studies the software application domains, prepares software requirements, and requirement documents.

5. Mobile App Developer

Mid-Career Pay: $42,297 – $105,101

Demand for mobile developers is also increasing with the increasing technology. Mobile app developers are the software developer who specializes in mobile technologies such as building applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. They are also called Android developers and IOS developers. Mobile app developers learn different programming languages for the chosen platform. Currently, developers are using these languages Java for Android apps, Objective-C for iOS apps and C# for Windows Phone apps, but these requirements will change with the development in technology. Mobile App Developers supports the entire app development lifecycle like its requirements, design, code, testing, release, and maintenance. The gather the specific requirements and suggest solutions for them. They write unit and UI tests and then troubleshoot and debug to get optimize the performance of the system. Mobile app developers design user-friendly interfaces. Develop new and legacy applications that meet quality standards. Stay Up to Date and search the market for the rising needs of the users.

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If someone is looking to make a career in these fields, How should you start?

The first step is that you should have knowledge of the technologies that are in demand right now. You have to learn the languages according to the job requirements. There are several online platforms that offer certification courses in these languages like Coursera,, Edureka, Udacity, Lynda etc.

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Secondly, work on live projects. Projects can be a good start to many good job opportunities. Projects show your skills and your knowledge practically, this is where companies invest in when they offer you lucrative wages. The project also enables you to explore your on skills to new level and built self-confidence in you. Some online platforms have projects within their training module, edWisor is one of the popular ones.