Selecting The Right Career

Selecting the right career

Selecting the right career is an involved process that is based on a number of things including your interests, skills, work-related values and personality. One of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime is determining what you want to be when you grow up. So, spend some time researching to decide if a certain career is right for you or not before making a commitment.

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There was a time when a student’s future plans revolved around a doctor, a pilot and an engineer. These few disciplines are thought to be the only fields that could offer rewarding careers in terms of both respect and money. Resultantly, students were unaware of other opportunities that could perhaps, have been more beneficial for them, in terms of their mental satisfaction and interest. Today life has become more dynamic and innovative, those days have gone when the engineering and medical fields were the only available choices. Now a whole new world of non- traditional careers from Information Technology, electronic media, web designing to software development, networking to online business portals, fashion to product designing and many more such fields are available.

However, there is still the question of choosing the right career. Unfortunately for most of us right career merely means the profession which guarantees you a profitable livelihood, but the important thing that we forget is student’s interest and mental satisfaction. Okay, it does not mean that we choose the field that has nothing to do in it and waste your precious time without getting any visible outcome. Everything takes time but the scope of the field in terms of market demand is also very important and should be considered very seriously. Hiring trends is also an important thing to keep in view. Career counselees are well informed about the trends. They play a key role in guiding the youth towards a rewarding profession and can also create one’s interest in a particular field. This shows the importance of career counseling. In each school, there should be a career counseling department which should observe the students’ personalities and suggest them the right career.

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Most of the parents whose first child is going to pass out the school or college find themselves stuck while choosing the career for their kid. Even the student is not mature enough to take such life-changing decisions. Both of them are unaware of the market trends and demands. Here comes the role of a career counselor. It shows the importance and need of career counseling at the school level. There are more of the students who study what their parents want, no one notices either they are happy and satisfied with not. In such cases, 96% of students fail to continue a particular career and change path. Like most of the students in our society selects medical and engineering careers on their parents’ demand which results in the form of bad grades and leaving the career or wasting years in clearing the entry tests of top universities. This shows along with the career counseling of students, parent’s counseling is also very important. That counselors can be successful students, professors or any professional career counselor. Okay, here we are giving a brief introduction to various career paths through the survey conducted among seniors and professionals to know the most suitable pathway for the particular field.

Chartered Accountancy (CA), undoubtedly one of the toughest and highly paid profession. You can select this field directly after intermediate or equivalent degree, but it would be more suitable if a student selects business subjects like accountancy and business statistics or do I.Com proves to be the best route for CA degree as it helps to build concepts. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is also a good choice for an I.Com student. Business fields like MBA (Masters of Business Administration), MSc. IT (Masters of Sciences in Information Technology), MSc. (Masters of Computer Science) and M.Com are also ideally followed fields after B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce), BBIT (Bachelor of Business and Information Technology) and BCS (Bachelor of Computer Sciences).

The engineering filed has also opened to many new fields like Aircraft Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, etc. are new fields followed by pre-engineering and ICS. Moreover, Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Engineer, Full stack developer, Software tester, Software Analyst, Computer Hardware Engineering and much more engineering fields are available for the students having an interest in Computer Science. BSCS (Bachelor of Computer Sciences), BSIT (Bachelor of Information Technology) and BSSE (Bachelor of Software Engineering) are widely chosen computer science fields but there are much more fields present with high scope and salary. Even the medical field has also introduced new fields like Biotechnology, Botany, Biochemistry, Zoology, Morphology, Psychologist, etc. for pre-medical students.

Fields like Fine Arts, Fashion Designing, Product Designing, Mass Communication does not require a particular line of study and can be joined after BA, B.Com, BSc. So before deciding on any career, make sure that you do not only earn money but also mental peace and satisfaction. It is the only way to lead a hassle-free professional life.

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